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  • Ashley Cheng

Wieniawski: Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Mov. II- Ashley Cheng

Call to Green Actions 綠色呼喚



The future is in the moment of every change, in the hands of anyone and everyone. Let’s protect the beauty of our Earth together!

A small change in our daily life is the start of creating a sustainable future.

Music Selection 曲目賞析/遴選靈感

維尼奧夫斯基的 D 小調第二號小提琴協奏曲是他的代表作之一,也是浪漫樂派時期最具特色的小提琴協奏曲之一。豐富的旋律與和弦,常在聽眾腦海中盈繞不散。此曲共有三個樂章,演奏分享的段落為第二樂章:浪漫曲(Romance: Andante non troppo)。


Wieniawski's Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor is one of his masterpieces and one of the most phenomenal violin concertos in the Romantic period. The rich melodies and chords are often lingering in the listeners' minds. There are 3 movements in this piece, and this video features the second movement: Romance: Andante non troppo.

I hope that through the warmth of this piece, I can bring everyone together to reminisce and cherish the beauty and timelessness of life: the flowers and grasses, the bushes and woods, the sky, the hills, and the ocean. By painting the beauty of our nature, our one and only Mother Earth, I wish all of us will take action and work together to protect our environment and to create a sustainable future.

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