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Heartbroken Ocean



Oct 14, 2023
Mini Carnival & Concert

Our Story


We live on a beautiful planet. However, with the continuous progress of modernization and technological advancements, the Earth has been faced with unprecedented environmental challenges. Among the issues, marine conservation has always been a topic of great concern for us, as we hope to contribute to the Earth within our capabilities. After four months of weekly planning meetings and discussions with volunteers, Heartbroken Ocean became what you see.




The Heartbreak Ocean Event was held on October 14th at the Liu-Lan Art Center. Six performers in total were invited to perform: Valentine Langlet, Athena Huang, EPOCH-2 from KCIS, The Lopsiders from Taipei European School, CDAA from KCIS Linkou, and Lewy. Organizations invited to the event included Step30, Cookies by Drea, High School Soap Lab, Fridays for Future Taiwan, and the International Youth Influence Promotion Association. Stalls hosted by Green4Tomorrow members were also present at the fair.



心碎海洋活動於2023/10/14(六),在劉戀藝文空間(新北市新莊區中正路61巷1-1號)舉行。這次精彩的音樂會邀請到了六組表演者:Valentine Langlet、Athena Huang、Epoch-2、 The Lopsiders、CDAA和Lewy。活動攤位的合作單位有舊鞋救命、Cookies by Drea、High School Soap Lab、Fridays for Future、環保星勢力等等團體,而現場除了這些合作單位的攤位,也有Green4Tomorrow團隊的攤位。


We gathered over 100 participants, with 6 schools from around Taipei City participating in the Heartbroken Ocean music event.


These schools include Kang Chiao International School's Xiu Gang and Lin Kou campuses, Taipei American School, Taipei European School, Cheng-Kung Senior High School, and Taipei WEGO Senior High School. We successfully raised a donation of 5,100 NTD through the event.


What's even more uplifting is that our promotion reached over 3,000 people. We are honored to have all 11 booths and performers supporting us, making the event a success. 



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