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  • Chris Lo

Remember - Chris Lo

Call to Green Actions 綠色呼喚

Music transcends communication barriers and has always been a way to bring people together. It has found ways to bring positivity, hope and love into the world. Music is also a great catalyst for change as it has the ability to speak to everyone. As there are a variety of global difficulties that we must face such as with climate change, population, and energy, coming together on major issues is evermore essential for us to share a brighter future. Impactful songs that can touch hearts have the ability to create a better tomorrow by revealing a more compassionate and empathetic light through which we can see past individual differences. This allows us an opportunity to empathize more fully with one another so that we can see that we are all a part of the same human family. In order to create lasting change on a pathway towards a more sustainable and better future, we must first start with a change of heart.

Music Selection 曲目賞析/遴選靈感

This song was written for my little sister as a gift for her wedding in Paris nearly 3 years ago but due to covid, she has been unable to have it. This year, it is finally happening and I am so excited to be able to give this song to her. ‘Remember’ was written in New York on a summer trip home to visit my family. It was conceived of as just melody lines and lyrics while I was walking in the streets of New York alone. Recently, the lyrics were touched up and the music was re-conceptualization and produced by my friend PeppyPeng. Our hope in this piece was to capture the feelings that I have as a bigger brother and to express my joy for her and finance as they impart on their journey together.


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