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  • Andrew Chou

現在開始 - Andrew Chou 周賢丞

Call to Green Actions 綠色呼喚

Issues regarding the deterioration of the Earth's conditions have been raging topics ever since decades or even centuries ago. Although the rate at which the severity is escalating has only skyrocketed, people seem to not see the relevance of these issues to their daily lives and what they do. They also seem to be ignorant of the impact they can exert on these problems, both negative and positive. But all of us need to know that issues such as climate change are threats we can all contribute to reversing. And we can all, as said in our song, start now. Starting from our trip to the convenience store, we can reduce emissions by traveling on foot or by bicycle. We can also change from using air conditioners to eco-fans. These subtleties combined can greatly help save our planet from destruction. But it will only be possible if we all contribute together. People might think that doing something about it is useless. But in my opinion, doing something about it is always better than doing nothing. If everyone can continue with their lives with this ideology, great change will be seen.

***Disclaimer: this song currently belongs to 環保署 / 曲子為環保署所有***

The lyrics of the song will be shown below, and I hope these lyrics can convey something to people.

The sky, it was so blue,

Before it vanished from our view,

We could have kept it that way,

could have left it that way.

Yet we rid it so now there’s a price we should pay



如果我們一起 盡你我一份力


We, together we should

Make a change, do what we could

Make a beautiful place

Where on your and my face

There’s a dazzling smile and arms to embrace






It’s not too late to start right now



There’s still time for us to make a change


Music Selection 曲目賞析/遴選靈感

This is an original song I wrote, where both the song itself and the lyrics are completely original. Me and my classmate Grace Chang sang the final version of the song together. I initially wrote this song for an environmental protection competition, and 環保署 got us to record an official music video for them to use as a promotion video. Although I wrote this for a competition, the motivation for me to both enter the competition itself and to write this song was the concern to the Earth's situation now in a climate perspective, and I believe that we as Taiwan citizens can start now from Taiwan, from our daily lives.

As a disclaimer, this song technically belongs to 環保署 now, but they were kind enough to allow us to use it for promotion.


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