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  • Ethan Chiu

Cover of Someday - Ethan Chiu 邱柏叡

Call to Green Actions 綠色呼喚

Even though life is never-ending, resources are finite, and as we pollute and misuse environmental resources, "someday", the consequences will be too severe bear. With this song, I hope I can make people realize how important nature is, and how urgent the situation of earth is right now. As a citizen of Earth, we all have responsibility to protect our home before it's too late.

Music Selection 曲目賞析/遴選靈感

This is a cover of the song Someday by OneRepublic. I decided to modify the lyrics of the song to deliver the message that "someday", nature is all that we will need, and we can choose to either protect it or allow nature to slowly crumble before our eyes. I hope this inspires people to protect the one and only earth we have, and by doing so, saving precious lives that need to be protected. (Credit to OneRepublic for the original song and the karaoke version by SingKing: )


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