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  • Makayla Hou

Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante & Meditation from Thaïs - Makayla Hou

Call to Green Actions 綠色呼喚

With nature being our best musical element, we should protect the environment and focus on sustainability in order to produce more enjoyable pieces in the future.

Music Selection 曲目賞析/遴選靈感

- Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante

- Meditation from Thaïs

Nature has the most pleasing music for those who listen. In this video, two classical pieces (Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante & Meditation from Thaïs) are performed in a formal auditorium and Zion National Park, showing the differences of performing violin in different locations. Especially, “Thais” brings out the beauty of music through the perfect combination of the violin and several natural elements, such as the sound of the waterfalls, birds tweaking, wind blowing...etc.

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